Engine Repairs

Engine Repairs

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Vehicles are expensive. Taking care of its engine gives it the best chance of a long road life and gives you the best return on your investment. By properly maintaining your engine and tending to necessary engine repairs immediately, your vehicle will last longer. When necessary engine repairs do arise, Bushey Automotive has a team of experienced automotive technicians who can diagnose and address the problem and get your vehicle back on the road.

Typical Causes of Engine Problems

  • Normal mileage wear and tear
  • Poor maintenance
  • Lubrication problems
  • Excessive overheating


Typical Symptoms of Engine Problems

  • Excessive smoke from tailpipe
  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Knocking or tapping sounds
  • Engine stalls
  • Low oil pressure
  • Low compression
  • Water mixing in oil
  • Oil getting into the air cleaner and/or radiator

You shouldn’t hesitate to have your vehicle serviced at the first sign of engine problems. If you’re experiencing any unusual engine noise, including tapping, clicking, or engine knocking, or if you’re experiencing repeated engine stalls, oil spots under your vehicle, or dark smoke emissions from the tailpipe, waiting even a day to have your vehicle serviced could prove costly.   Bring your vehicle in to one of Bushey Automotive’s three locations in Midland,Mt. Pleasant, and Saginaw and one of our experienced automotive technicians will determine what’s going on under the hood, suggest necessary engine repairs, and fix it right so you can get back on the road.