CV Joints and Suspensions

CV Joints and Suspensions

Improved Ride and Handling

Michigan weather plays havoc on our roads, and in turn, havoc on your vehicle’s ride and handling. CV joints and suspensions are designed to take the brunt of the abuse the road throws at us, but these wear out over time, reducing your vehicle’s handling capabilities and making your ride choppier. Bushey Automotive has the parts and experienced technicians needed to service CV joints and suspensions in nearly any vehicle.


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CV Joints

In front-wheel drive vehicles, CV joints connect the transaxle to the wheels, allowing it to transfer the engine’s power to the drive wheels at a constant speed. They also factor into the up and down motion of the suspension and cornering.


Signs of Trouble

  • Clicking or popping noise when turning
  • Steady knocking sound at low speeds
  • Vibration in the steering wheel and floorboard at certain speeds



By absorbing and dissipating kinetic energy from the point of contact, suspension systems provide a smooth ride over rough roads, ensure the tires remain glued to the road, and minimize body roll.


Suspension Components

  • Springs
  • Coil springs
  • Torsion bars
  • Leaf springs
  • Shock Absorbers


Suspension Types

  • Front Suspension – Dependent Systems
  • Front Suspension – Independent Systems
  • Rear Suspension – Dependent (Linked) Systems
  • Rear Suspension – Independent Systems


Signs of Trouble

  • Vehicle rides roughly
  • Experience drifting or pulling during turns
  • Vehicle’s nose dips or dives when stopping/slowing
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Oily shocks


Stop feeling that unnecessary bump on your rump. Pull in to one of our three locations in Midland, Mt. Pleasant, or Saginaw and have our expert technicians inspect your vehicle’s CV joints and suspension and provide the quality service you need to ride smoothly again.