Auto Glass Repairs & Replacement

Auto Glass

All Auto Glass replacements have a lifetime installation guarantee.

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Quality Service, Quality Materials

Bushey Automotive is mid-Michigan’s leading auto glass specialists. We will replace your glass using only the highest-quality auto glass products which meet all DOT and OEM specifications. Our team of technicians has years of hands-on training and experience. Your safety and satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Auto Glass - Break

Window Replacement

Auto glass replacements can usually be completed in just a few hours. Our extensive on-site inventory and supplier network means we can get your glass when you want it, allowing us to perform same day service in most cases.  

Window Repair

Window repair is safe, effective, convenient, and usually takes less than 45 minutes to complete. Our technicians can repair chips, nicks, and cracks up to inches long. Timely repair prevents further damage and spreading, without removing and replacing the existing glass. Repairing a windshield is also a good value.  

Custom Glass Installs

From hot-rods and dune buggies to old antique cars and trucks, we can cut and install glass for almost any special project. We have been performing custom auto glass installation since 1931!  

Side & Rear-View Mirrors

We can replace just the glass lens in your mirror or, if needed, the complete head unit. Whether your auto has a standard mirror, heated mirror, or a unit with a built-in turn signal, flat or convex, we service them all.



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