Bushey Automotive History



Like so many others Americans during the Great Depression, Morse & Leona Bushey were searching for a way to make ends meet. So in 1931 they decided they would try their hand at something that they had an affinity for.

They began repairing and rebuilding radiators and heat exchangers for farmers and other industries in the region. Charging just a few pennies per fix, it was enough to sustain them during those hard times. Realizing they had a knack for the business, the Bushey Radiator Company was born.


Soon after, they began servicing another market: Auto and Plate Glass. Since those early days back in 1931, the company has always reacted to the times and trends to add a number of other quality services to the roster. From radiators and air-conditioning to auto glass, and from fuel tanks and supplies to complete automotive service, we’re still proudly serving Michigan with a “Quality Always” attitude.